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I am a cartoonist living in Austin, Texas. I graduated from The University of Texas in 2018 with a degree in biology and a minor in studio art.

I began making comics in college, inspired by the early works of artists like Charles Burns and Renee French. With creative partner Seth Murchison, I began printing and releasing material and distributing it on a small scale as Prickly Pair.

I am interested in making challenging, confrontational work with heavy queer themes. Much of my art works in the realm of body horror, an interest that is been based in my experience with mental health issues, my relationship with my body and gender.


I am still conceptualizing work surrounding a fire I was in in 2019 where I sustained major burn injuries. Much of my recent work deals with the trauma surrounding my recovery, and though it will require serious self-reflection I am excited for the narratives that will come from my experience.

Outside of drawing I am an entomologist, a taxidermist, and a serious music nerd.

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